I need to get away on a regular basis because being in a gay town drives me crazy.

I’ve been in Shinjuku’s gay town for so long that it drives me crazy…lol

So I left Shinjuku for the first time in a while. I went to a coffee shop I was curious about.

It’s a store near a station in the Minato Ward area. But because it’s in a back alley, there were not many people there despite it being Saturday.
The atmosphere inside the store was elegant and the clientele seemed to be nice.

After that, I went to a gallery.

Mr. Kawashima is interesting because after he graduated from an art college, he practiced Buddhist training and then started his production activities. It is an inexplicable backround…

Before, critics, people from universities, and artists used to come here to study, but now there were many international collectors.

There are more and more works that are popular and easy to understand overseas.

The Roppongi area is densely packed with commercial galleries, and after visiting them one by one, it was already dark outside!

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