Shining Boys in Tokyo

I used their services several times during my stay in Tokyo. I had their staff named SHINJI and LAY come to the hotel where I was staying. Thank you for the long distance. We had to meet at the very large lobby of the hotel. It is really very large. It’s not a good place to meet up with people. But it was very easy to meet up with them. They were young, cute, sexy, and glowing. I was amazed. It is rare to see such beautiful young boy. And their skin was as smooth and beautiful as their photo. Exactly what I wanted! Of course, I must mention the massage techniques. Especially SHINJI’s massage was outstanding and time flew by. I wanted to fully enjoy his technique, but I found myself falling asleep. Amazing. And the store manager is kind too. He also told me about gay saunas in Tokyo and gay clubs that welcome foreigners. His advice was one of the reasons I enjoyed Tokyo so much. I have no doubt about their work and hospitality. I will definitely call Noir in Tokyo when I go back to Japan again.

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